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  • Temazcal

    • Temazcal Ceremony $25
      Traditional Sweatlodge Ceremony. Arrive at least one hour before.
      Location: La Ventana Retreats, California.

      A Temazcal is a traditional steam bath that has been used for both healing and ritual purposes in Mexico and the Americas for thousands of years. The name Temazcal comes from the Nahuatl language and means bathing house, it is one of the instruments we use to stay in touch with Teotl (Creator). In our tradition Temazcal ceremonies are cleansing bringing spiritual peace and healing.The intention is to harmonize our being and integrate with our spirit. Being inside the temazcal is like being in the womb... dark, warm, humid, and safe, We leave in the temazcal all of those things that dont serve us anymore, life is renewed.Volcanic rocks are used to generate heat and vapor in the temazcal ceremony in a blazing fire. The fire man introduces fired, red-hot abuelitas into the lodge. In Our belief Sacred Stones carry ancient wisdom and with the fire transmit the healing we need and help us connect again with our spirits. The sacred water enters and we say Ometeotl invoking the two creative forces of the universe. Abuelitas inside, daubed with medicine (which is generally resin from the copal tree, palo santo or Lavender and lodge door closed, the ceremony starts with the first "puerta" praying, singing, and story-telling. Three more puertas follow, and the with the fourth puerta, we're reborn.

  • Consultations with Xochitlquetzalli

    Susana (Xochitlquetzalli) is a Colombian-born Medicine Woman and a spiritual teacher. Susana shares her awareness of the gifts of Creation, bringing practice and experience from Indigenous traditions of North, Central and South America. Susana is the current leader of the group of Moondancers of California, a Pipe Carrier from the Ollinthlahuimetztli Moondance of Teotihuacan, Mexico.  She carries the medicine of the Temazcal (sweatlodge) from this tradition. Susana is dedicated to reconnecting women with the medicine of the Moon, healing their wombs while they reclaim their sacred feminine, their inner wisdom, fertility and power.

    Shimshai & Susana have been facilitating countless healing ceremonies from the altars of Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, USA to the sacred grounds of local Native tribes of California, including more than 38 years of work with the Mestizo traditions of Peru and Colombia, the Mexhica traditions of Indigenous Mexico, and the Kogi and Arhuaco nations of Indigenous Colombia with direct guidance and support from teachers and spiritual leaders in each tradition. They are the owners of La Ventana Herbals and create conscious ceremonial herbal medicines.  Shimshai and Susana teach in their retreat center La Ventana and in other retreat centers around the world.  Their gentle guidance is a prayer inspired by their deep connection to the spiritual world, Mother Earth, and their heart. They are married and reside with their 2 children in the Santa Cruz Mountains where they hold their retreat programs throughout the year.

    • 30 min Consultation $100
    • 60 min Consultation $120
    • 90 min Consultation $150
    • Tonalama Readings $60

      Susana's Tonalama reading (Aztec Astrology) offers the chance to know yourself and find out what potential you have possessed since your birth time, thus, you may learn to make use of such potential in a responsible way for the purpose of elevating our human condition. Tonalama uses the millennial system of the Aztec Calendar. Such a system is based on the magic count of time and destiny. This reading will allow you to know your Gods and Guardians of the Pre-Hispanic world (deities), their names, meanings and gifts granted by them. Individual readings with Susana (Xochitlquetzalli). Please send your birth info including date and time at least a couple days before the consultation.

    • Abuela Malinalli

      • Vision Quest 2019 $400
        Tue June 4th 11am to June 9th 2pm. One seat registration is for one pair Visionary/Supporter. Early Bird $400 until May 4th, After May 4 Price is $450
      • Supporter for Vision Quest 2019 $250

        Tue June 4th 11am to June 9th 2pm. Includes weekend Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine gathering. 
        Early Bird $250 until May 9th, After May 9th $300

      • Sacred Masculine~Divine Feminine Gathering w Abuela Malinali $250

        Friday, June 7th 4pm to Sunday June 9th at noon. 
        Men and women coming together with the intention of continuing their evolution on this sacred path of the red road, to heal their spirits, connect with the mother earth and the grandmother moon and to gather the strength and wisdom inside their own temples, in harmony with all their relations learning to pray, heal, empower and connect with the Universe. 
        Early Bird $250 until May 7th, After May 7th Price is $300 

  • La Ventana Retreats

    • Youth Programs

      • EPIC Summer Camp 2019: Radical Respect Retreat for Young Men Free

        Summer 2019 DATES To Be Announced -- We are taking reservations now for next year.We are uniting 30 amazing young men ages 14 to 18 with intention to continue their evolution as Brothers, Sons, and Friends  Following this beautiful path of the heart our purpose is  ~ to heal our spirits and bodies ~ to connect with each other ~ to build community with peace, and ~ to learn to gather the strength & wisdom inside our own selves  Focus on building social and emotional skills, self-esteem, and self-respect. Every young man will be given space to be himself, completely. We welcome young men from all nationalities, ethnicity beliefs, past or present experiences, into this special time of their lives with love, equality and peace.  With compassion, mindfulness, honesty, integrity, acceptance and love we will create a memorable experience where each person will be honored, celebrated, and empowered. We will have a beautiful 5 night camp in the Santa Cruz mountains. Led by Cabin Counselors who have participated in the Amala Foundation's Youth Programs. Price of the retreat $600. Scholarships available

        Watch the video from the 2018 gathering.

        IMPORTANT: Please note that in order to participate, each person attending must fill out the application form. We have limited seats. Your reservation is not complete until we receive your completed application. reservations are free. Once we have the date you can make your payment.

      • LA LUNA: First Moon Retreat Summer 2019 Free
        Summer 2019 DATES To Be Announced -- We are taking reservations now for next year. Available for all of the Families of our community. One seat registration is for 1 adult/child pair or 1 woman/woman pair. We will confirm the dates soon! We reunite, with the intention of continuing our evolution as Sacred mothers, Sacred daughters and Sacred Families on this beautiful path of the red road, to empower our spirits, bodies, wombs, sexuality and connect with the mother earth and the grandmother moon, to learn emotional skills, self esteem, self worth and self love. We are welcoming our daughters into this special time of their lives with sacredness teaching them fundamental values that will lead their lives.  We are also healing ourselves from that specific time, changing our history and welcoming our girl within. We will be creating a memorable experience for us and our daughters.  We will discuss puberty, the opposite sex, sacred sexuality,  relationships, body image and growing up while we introduce our ceremonial practices into this sacred time of our family life. Price of the retreat $250.  Once we confirm our dates you should be able to register. Please reserve your seat. Thank you! Share our video 
  • Shared Accommodations Yurt @ La Ventana Redwood Eco-Retreat

    Beautifully decorated and simply furnished, our beautiful round 24' yurt encourages serenity, nestled in a sunny redwood, oak & pine forest. It can accommodate up to 6 people in an open floor plan with 4 single beds and a double size bed for a couple, a separate bathroom with composting toilets, sink, and a lovely hot outdoor shower. For more info about our property and pictures please go to The reservation fee is for a single bed. Reservation is for the two nights.  YOU MUST ALSO BE REGISTERED FOR THE WORKSHOP.


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