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Dear Family,
After careful consideration, and in light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, we are postponing our May ceremonies to the summer or early fall. Rescheduling our prayer services will enable us to provide the ceremony you all expect and deserve in a safe environment. We have a shelter in place order until the end of May so once the Governor opens we will announce dates.  Thanks for your patience during these sensitive times.
We remain excited to host you later this year and will get back to you with more information on specific dates in the coming weeks. Your registration will automatically be applied to the rescheduled event. The latest information will always be available at  We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please take a moment to let us know if you have any questions regarding your registration by sending us a message to Your voice matters, and we care about your feedback.
We look forward to hosting you in the summer/fall. Until then, stay safe and healthy! Keep your prayers strong.
Infinite Love and Blessings.

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  • La Ventana Retreats

    Shimshai & Susana have been facilitating countless healing ceremonies from the altars of Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, Europe, USA to the sacred grounds of local Native tribes of California, including more than 40 years of work with the Mestizo traditions of Peru and Colombia, the Mexhica traditions of Indigenous Mexico, and the Kogi and Arhuaco nations of Indigenous Colombia with direct guidance and support from teachers and spiritual leaders in each tradition. Custodians of the Vision Quest Ceremony (Teotlac) and the Moondance from the Aztec lineage. They are the owners of La Ventana Herbals and create conscious ceremonial herbal medicines.  Shimshai and Susana teach in their retreat center La Ventana and other retreat centers around the world.  Their gentle guidance is a prayer inspired by their deep connection to the spiritual world, Mother Earth, and their heart. They are married and reside with their two teenagers in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where they hold their retreat programs throughout the year.

    • Online Ancestral Healing Arts and Curanderismo School $1,000

      Lead by Xochitlquetzalli and Shimshai. This training covers the core curriculum of our Ancestral Healing Arts and Curanderismo School. It is an online-only program over the course of 9 months.  Note: We are working to adapt and flow with the limitations of gatherings due to Covid-19. If we are able to continue with in-person gatherings, students registered for this online-only program will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Advanced School if they would like to.  This training is open for all of those interested in reinforcing and acquiring new knowledge in ancestral healing and the art of curanderismo. Through self-experience and guided teachings, individuals will refine their paths as healers and their service to the Creator, practice indigenous and ancestral healing traditions, and gain knowledge and experience in indigenous medicine practices. This version of the program is held entirely online over a 9-month time span. 

    • Vision Quest 2020 $450
      July 9th to 14th 2020. One seat registration is for one pair, Visionary/Supporter.  Here is our invitation 
    • Supporter for Vision Quest 2020 $300

      July 9th to 14th 2020

    • Consultations with Xochitlquetzalli

      Susana (Xochitlquetzalli) is a Colombian-born Medicine Woman and a spiritual teacher. Primarily of Indigenous Colombian blood and her lineage includes the Mestizo Amazonian, the Mexhica traditions of Mexico, and the Kogi and Arhuaco nations of her native Colombia. Susana shares her awareness of the gifts of Creation, bringing practice and experience from Indigenous traditions of North, Central, and South America. Susana is the current leader of the group of Moondancers of California, a Pipe Carrier from the Ollinthlahuimetztli Moondance of Teotihuacan, Mexico.  She carries the medicine of the Temazcal (sweatlodge) from this tradition. Susana is dedicated to reconnecting women with the medicine of the Moon, healing their wombs while they reclaim their sacred feminine, their inner wisdom, fertility, and power.

  • Chicuauhtli Metztli Moondance, Mount Shasta, CA July 30 to Aug 3 2020

    Prayer ceremony with the Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth in harmony with all our relations, offering 4 days and nights of sacred dance under the moon with Grandmothers, Elders, and medicine women from all over the world. July 30th to August 3rd, 2020, By Invitation only due to the limits from the local department of health requirements.  If you have received a personal invitation from Xochitlquetzalli please register here. 


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